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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

With over 20 years of experience, we understand the frustration that comes with being involved in a car accident,
Our goal has always been to help our clients get their vehicle back as soon as possible with the least amount of headaches.
We love to build long lasting relationship with our clients, therefore we always stay true to them in every step of the process.

We work with all major insurance companies.

We have very good and respectful relationships with all the major insurances companies we work with.
Our communication with them is constant and we keep you updated with every step of the process.

In House Car Rental Services

Here at Moreno Auto Collision we offer in house car rental services to our qualified customers.
Which means that you can leave in a rental car the same day you drop your off.
We will talk to your insurance company to see what kind of car rental coverage you have and get you into a car as soon as possible.